Slacklining is the act of balancing on a one to two inch piece of webbing that is tensioned between two objects, usually trees. More advanced “slackers” will then add various tricks and static yoga poses into their practice. Successful slacklining requires a seamless connection between body and mind, making slacklining an extreme form of movement meditation. Our workshops are taught using mindfulness meditation techniques in order to help participants cultivate a greater awareness of both body and mind. The Slack-Librium Slackline Park will be open during ALL daylight hours of the campout! No experience necessary. All ages welcome. Slack-Librium instructors will offer personal one-on-one guidance for participants in addition to providing a wide assortment of daily group workshops including: intro to slacklining, intro to mindfulness, slackline fitness, slackline yoga, partner slacklining, and more! Drop in to our Mindfulness Circle from 10-11 AM each day of the event, and check out the Slack Park bulletin board for the full schedule. Step into Slack-Librium… don’t be shy.


Every morning at 10:00 AM Slack-Librium will offer guided mindfulness practice & discussion circles. These circles are open and friendly to participants of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and experience levels. We’ll explore different types of mindfulness practice each morning drawing upon a wide range of styles inclusive of both introspective forms of practice and social forms of mindfulness. Each exercise will be followed with a discussion and exploration of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences within a safe, comfortable, and compassionate environment.

Never stepped on a slackline before? This is the workshop for you! We’ll go over all the basics and fundamentals including set up and take down of the lines, simple slackline physics, slackline philosophy, and of course an engaging introduction to the practice of slacklining itself! Come prepared to practice standing (on both feet), walking, knee balances, and sitting. Intermediate skills that we might break into include crouching, turning around, and jump mounts. We’ll have multiple Slack-Librium instructors on site to assist participants across various skill levels. Step into Slack-Librium… don’t be shy.

Improve your balance, posture, strength, coordination, and concentration all at the same time!

Our slackline fitness classes are designed to emphasize the fundamentals of slacklining while providing a workout that is both physically and mentally challenging for beginner and advanced slackliners alike. Expect to learn exercises that can be performed both on and off of the line and will help you to develop the muscles that are necessary for improving your slacklining skills.

Take your asana onto the line! This class is designed for slackliners and yoga practitioners of all skill levels. We’ll explore some basic and intermediate yoga poses that will help build the strength and flexibility needed to really take slacklining to the next level. We can increase the intensity of some of these poses by utilizing the slackline as an exercise prop, similar to a fitness ball. For the truly advanced practitioners, we’ll take our yoga poses onto the slackline itself, and work towards developing routine and flow on the line.  Slack-Librium instructors will offer adjustments and variations for every pose so that you can truly make the practice your own.

Traditional slacklining is an incredibly individual sport, but in this workshop we’re flipping tradition on its head. Bring a friend or get paired up with a new friend as we explore and redefine the boundaries of balance and movement!  We’ll begin with some partner exercises on the ground, building strength, balance, and trust with our partners. Then things start getting interesting once we bring our partners onto the line. Come play with us and try out something new!