Sirius Colors
Sirius Colors

Sirius Colors delivers Intergalactic Deep Bass Trance Dub Music direct from the spiraling colors of the Sirius binary pulsar star-system.

From the ancient Mayan Pyramids to the jungle waterfalls of Thailand… from the stone arches of Utah to the underground water caves of the Yucatan, Sirius Colors continuously seeks the power of sound in its most pristine universal form…
and under the guidance of great masters of global indigenous traditions, creates entrancing, body-shaking dance music.

Collaborating with master musicians from around the globe, recording in secret mystical locations, invoking the powers of indigenous mystical traditions, awakening the spiraling energies of the Soul…

Specializing in energetic live performance and crystalline technical production, Sirius Colors invokes synergetic elixirs of ancient-rooted powers and futuristic tech pulsations. … and sweet LOVE drips like honey from every note and radiates like starlight through every pulse.