All booking for our performer lineup is now complete, however we have opened up another way for patrons to share their art on stage. Please read below and fill out the application below if you wish to perform at Kinnection. Additionally, there will be a designated open flow space for experienced performers to participate in as well.

We at Kinnection are dedicated to the performing arts and the unique ways these art forms uplift and inspire our community. For this reason, we are excited to offer a stage where artists can be seen in a professional and effective setting. Performing artists that have already purchased a ticket or are volunteering and want to take the next step in participating are invited to submit an application between now and May 2nd. Applications need to include video and photos that communicate the style and creativity of the artist. Also required is a list of the performance disciplines that are being offered (ie. flow arts, hooping, staff, poi, fire/led, acrobatics, aerials, etc.) To further a feeling of magic and professionalism, costumes are encouraged for all performing artists, so photos of costuming is a plus in your application. Much gratitude to all that are dedicated to bringing performance art into the world. We look forward to providing a platform for such heartfelt dance and movement at Kinnection Campout.

Submit your application below: