Sunshine Jupiter
Sunshine Jupiter
Sunshine Jupiter is a multi-dimensional, multi-media artist, dancer, teacher, videographer, producer, and student of earth wisdom. She radiates effortless joy contagiously through her vibrant dance and will put you in a mystical trance with her pristine film production. Extensive training in a broad range of dance styles, from ballet to West African, led her to the energetic roots of all that is in motion. She now applies her ever-deepening awareness of energy movements to flow arts such as Hula Hooping, Poi, Fire Staff & Helio Dragon, as well as teaching and film production. She lives in a world of movement, rhythm, and inspiration… radiating her inner light. Learn more about her work at and
Belly dance. Rooting to the Earth. Take off your shoes and ground your feet into the dirt. We will explore the postures, feet positions, and technique. We will go over various movements of belly dance discovering the magic that builds within the body, from within the soul. 
Dr. Nick Atlas
Dr. Nick Atlas
Dr. Nick Atlas is a psychospiritual educator, holistic therapist, meditation teacher, dreamworker and lifelong explorer of consciousness. The founder of Evolutionary Education® and Yoga Sleep Therapy®, Nick is also an accomplished artist, athlete, musician, world-traveler, forthcoming author and graduate of Emory University in Atlanta. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of West Georgia, where he teaches experiential courses on self-discovery, conducts pioneering research on lucid dreaming, and inspires the next generation of multidimensional artists to realize their maximum potential. /
Explore the ancient Taoist healing art of qigong, a flowing practice and philosophy designed to balance yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies in the bodymind. Connect with the elemental forces of nature, learn to circulate and revitalize your vital energy, to self-heal and heal others! No experience necessary.
Kevin James Karas
Kevin James Karas
Joyfully serves as a holistic leader, educator and
community builder in Akron, OH.
Kevin studies Holistic Education and is pursuing his Masters
of Communication. His research weaves a decade dedicated
to studying with senior teachers in Laughter, Hatha Yoga,
Ecstatic Dance, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Energy
Healing, Sound Healing, Shamanism, New Thought
Movement, Mindfulness, Somatics, Stress Relief, Holistic
Education, Communication & Community Leadership.

Kevin is Volunteer Coordinator for Elevate Akron, the
largest Yoga Festival in Ohio.
During the summer, he travels leading workshops at
festivals, conferences, and holistic education centers &
studios including Rootwire, YogaFestMi, Big Love Fest,
Shensara & The Yoga Summit.

Kevin is founder of Holistic Leaders LLC and teaches weekly
classes and trainings in yoga, stress relief and public
speaking classes at The University of Akron, A Mindful Path
Healing Center, Yoga Squared, Unity of Medina Church and
The House of Big Intentions.

As founder of The House of Big Intentions: An Intentional
Living Community & Healing Center, Kevin unites like-minded people living together and
hosting a variety of mind-body- spirit community events for hundreds. His community
building has received various awards including the Newman Civic Fellowship Award,
Top 10 Senior Award, The LLA Foundation Grant (providing funding to study
shamanism in Peru).

HAHa! HoHoHo!

All levels, backgrounds and ages can join this fun community gathering which harnesses the power of laughter, breath, & games to release your inner child. Ending with a deeply silly savasana to Tibetan singing bowls.

Heal your mind-body-spirit as you enter into the deepest states of consciousness and relaxation.

During this experience, participants will lay on their backs listening to the live healing sounds of the tibetan singing bowls, tensing muscles, engaging in breathing exercises, & following a guided body scan.

Chelsea Feline
Chelsea Feline
Chelsea first tapped into her spirituality in 2013 by discovering the beautiful practice of yoga and meditation. She quickly developed a passion to share her newfound knowledge and did so by traveling to different conscious events leading workshops on mindful and evolving topics. While diving deeper into this lifestyle and immersing herself into the yoga community, she found Acro Yoga. Acro took her practice to the next level; heightening her vision for all to experience the connection, patience, trust, strength, community, and insight that this playful path provided. Chelsea received her RYT 200hr certification in 2016 and loves to combine mindful, therapeutic, partner, and acrobatic yoga in her classes. Chelsea currently teaches yoga and acro in Asheville, North Carolina and continues to learn from great instructors around the world, pulling from their lessons and wisdom to mold into her own teachings.
Discover your power in this vinyasa flow workshop as Chelsea guides you through a deep, heart-opening practice. Together we will use the breath to tap into our bodies; building fire and strengthening our muscles throughout class. This workshop is designed to help you listen to and let go of whatever is no longer serving you.
Never tried AcroYoga but always wanted to? Maybe you’re an experienced acrobat looking for a challenge? Do you want to connect to others through playful, non-sexual touch? Grab a friend and join Chelsea for this fun, upLIFTing all levels acro workshop! Whether you’re new to the practice or a seasoned acro monkey, she’ll give you the tools to push your boundaries in an exciting, safe environment. No partner or experience required, just an open heart and mind.
Rob Lenfestey
Rob Lenfestey
Rob Lenfestey is an educator, author and innovator in the world of creative, holistic self-empowerment. In his book ‘Unleash Your Creative Genius’, Rob combines advanced movement practices, permaculture and ecological sustainability, music and composition and adventure into a coherent system. Every person has a creative genius waiting to be expressed, and Rob is dedicated to helping others find their own thread of deep inspiration.

Rob went to Appalachian State University for Sustainable Development with concentrations in Permaculture, Agroecology and Appropriate Technology. Rob is an ecologist and board member of the Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative non-profit working in Guatemala.

Rob is a certified Yoga teacher with additional certifications in Thai bodywork, Yogaslacker’s slackine and Acro Yoga practices. He has been teaching for 14 years. Rob ahs taught at events ranging from the Wanderlust Yoga Festivals to the Yoga Journal Conference. In 2010 Rob created Wilderness Yoga to combine his passion for primitive skills, primitive movement and the principles of yoga.

As a pianist and composer, Rob has worked on Grammy Award nominated musical projects and published two albums as his genre-bending musical project, Amorphos. Rob has played with musicians ranging from members of Rock band Ween to Bluetech to Burning Spear and George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic.

Lenfestey is an entrepreneur and nutritionist, sourcing the best foods he can find through his company, Mandala Naturals. With his love for cacao he also started Mandala Chocolate, which is available in stores and online. Rob works directly with indigenous farmers to find the healthiest sources for the greatest foods on the planet.

For more info about Rob’s retreats, workshops and classes please visit

This class is centered around my principle of ‘Wild Inversions’. A ‘Wild Inversion’ is any handstand or arm balance that utilizes the natural environment, rather than the planar surfaces that most are accustomed to. By utilizing natural, uneven surfaces, you are able to develop a wider range of stability and strength in the entire body. The strength gained from wild inversions and standing balances provides greater injury-proofing and overall resilience than traditional planar practices. This class will meet and hike into the woods and find an area to practice. Students are encouraged to try each pose in different configurations on different surfaces.
This workshop will introduce students to the subtleties of movement in the wilderness, drawing on yoga, martial arts, Qigong, and ancient tracking/stalking knowledge to reestablish our natural & healthy way of moving and connecting to the natural environment. We will explore different native edible & medicinal plants, and learn how to understand how they communicate their uses through where and how they grow, also learning how to tap into their spirit any time we need without needing to consume them directly.
Julia McDowell
Julia McDowell

I am first and foremost the mother of my amazing little boy. However, intermixed in my free moments I dedicate myself to teaching ESL, dancing, creativity, and reconnecting myself with nature. In 2013 my husband, Irijah Rivers, and I founded Full Circle Flow Arts

I have been moving with flow-props since 2009, first beginning with poi, then picking up the hoop and now most recently dragon staff.  I approach my dance from a whole body perspective, exploring all types of angles. How different parts of our bodies participate with interconnected movements is the path that I take in learning as well as teaching.

My other involvements include co-creating our self-sustainable homestead and expanding my upcycled clothing design business, Perpetual Muse. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I am ever inspired to be my creative authentic self

This is a hoop dance workshop for movers of all levels.

In order to create more diversity and fullness in our flow we need not neglect the use of our core as well as our ability to move our feet. These factors are what make our flow a dance as opposed to a series of tricks. We will be learning/relearning how to hoop on several parts our core (head, shoulders, belly, hips, knees) as well as footwork and fancy transitions between movements. In this workshop we will be using larger hoops in order to practice core movements. I will have plenty to share.

Ted Innocent
Ted Innocent

Yin Yoga class taught by Ted Innocent assisted by Carly Jane. Yin Yoga allows one to take a healing journey inward to explore the deeper parts of the self, expand one’s awareness and restore the body. We will take a unique approach in this class by incorporating Thai massage and essential oils that will help open up our chakras. All students and levels welcome!

Medicine in Motion
Medicine in Motion
Medicine in Motion is a collaborative movement experience based around contact improvisation and authentic relating. Makenna and Brandon are Colorado locals who fell in love on the dance floor and share their passion for dynamic movement with individuals, groups, and communities.  With no formal dance training these two movement artists are inspired by ecstatic dance, the Grateful Dead, yoga, and other joyful life practices. Digital nomads Makenna and Brandon are students of life and lovers of laughter! There is nothing they love more than sharing their dance medicine and connecting with heart centered tribe.
This movement journey will help you drop in with yourself and others as we learn to create consensual and ecstatic dance floor connections. A blend of authentic relating, dynamic movement, and contact improvisation will give you the tools to maximize the moments of dance floor magic! Come play, surrender, and let your body do the talking. 
Rhiannon Burk
Rhiannon Burk
Rhiannon Burk holds a Master’s in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She has worked as a therapist for about four years and currently works as a Family Therapist for a non- profit agency based out of Asheville, NC. One of her life’s work is to continue to support the weaving of therapeutics with the dance and movement world. She began dancing at the age of three in Northeastern Ohio. She studied ballet, pointe, jazz, yoga, lyrical, modern, and danced competitively. As a college student in West Virginia, cultural and traditional dance was introduced to her. While studying in Boulder, Colorado she discovered various forms of ecstatic dance and authentic movement. She has trained with practitioners from the 5 Rhythms traditions, and is a certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator. She has performed burlesque as Serenity Calypso as a member of Boulder Burlesque and had also performed with Asheville Vaudeville. Rhiannon believes in the mental, physical, and spiritual health and empowerment properties of dance and
movement as creative expression. She is grateful and delighted to be dancing with Asheville’s Trillium Dance Conpany; she hopes to see you on the dance floor!

Join us in going deeply into ourselves as both a Mover and a Witness with Authentic Movement.  Authentic Movement is a self-directed expressive improvisational movement process which uses the wisdom of the body as a pathway to awareness.  It was started by Mary Starks Whitehouse in the 1950s as the dancer’s response and reflection of the Jungian movement.  Also called “Movement in Depth” and “Active Imagination in Movement,” AuthenticMovement invites descent into the inner world of the psyche through natural movement.  With an intentional structure and mostly silence, the workshop explores the relationship between our Self and the Internal and the External Witness.  This workshop will provide us with the time to slow down, listen deeply to ourselves, clearly communicate with one another, and BE MOVED!

No dance experience is necessary—only curiosity, comfortable clothes, and a bit of courage to open to unknown.