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Steve Torma

For over thirty years, Steve Torma has gently guided our culture toward cooperation and regeneration. He is the former President of Earthaven Ecovillage, where he continues to live his passion for community and sustainability. He co-founded The REAL Center in 2007 and was on a core faculty member for The Asheville Tantra School. Steve is trained in Nonviolent Communication, Radical Honesty, Body Electric, Cuddle Party, Restorative Circles, Permaculture, and Creation Spirituality. Through his compassionate presence and guidance, Steve has helped countless people to find healing, direction, and meaning in their lives.

Art of Intimacy Level 1
Intimacy is the ability to know oneself and connect deeply with others. It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of being human. In this workshop we will learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication, a powerful tool that helps us to stay centered in any situation, move beyond stalemates, forgive others and yourself, hear the yes behind every no, be flexible without being submissive, express anger or disappointment without judgment or blame, and more. With the former president of Earthaven Ecovillage and co-founder of The REAL Center.

Art of Intimacy Level 2
For those with some familiarity with Nonviolent Communication. Using NVC Dance Floors and Somatic Experiencing to move from pain to compassion, from the illusion of conflicting needs to finding win/win strategies, from grasping for approval to deep inner peace, and from negativity to the natural joy of life. With the former president of Earthaven Ecovillage and co-founder of The REAL Center.

Eros and the Spiritual Quest
After our survival instinct, sexual energy is the most powerful force in the human experience. How do we access and guide this energy? With the heart. And what guides our heart? The overall spiritual purpose of our lives. When all three are combined: sex, heart, and spirit, we can live a deeply satisfying life of service to our ultimate vision. Ideas and practices for improving your physical and emotionally-intimate relationships. With the former President of Earthaven Ecovillage and co-founder of The REAL Center.



Dee Eggers

Dee is a tenured professor, TEDx presenter, environmental policy scholar, permaculturist and traveler engaged in her passion for creating a sustainable future for all life on Earth. She has pursued much conventional and informal education as well as training in leading personal transformation work because she believes that a critical mass of us must achieve a higher level of consciousness and mental health in order to be able to create that sustainable future.

Unleashing your Inner Leader: Overcoming Limiting Unconscious Beliefs

The greatest impediment to a sustainable future is not a lack of technical knowledge but the need for a critical mass of us to experience transcending our level of consciousness. This requires us to (among other things) become free of the chains in our own minds that hold us back. Those chains are the limiting core beliefs that are programmed into our unconscious brains at an early age by family, society, etc. Most of us are unaware of them and the great extent to which a handful of them keep us from realizing our life vision. Everyone has limiting beliefs but most people do not know what they are. Common limiting beliefs include; I don’t matter, I can’t trust people, I always fail, no one understands me, I don’t fit in, and they will hurt me. The unconscious mind is virtually unchangeable via traditional therapeutic routes, reading, talking, etc.



Nick Atlas

Nick Atlas is the founder of Evolutionary Education®, a multidimensional learning project based on the principles of deep ecology and non-duality—our interconnectedness with each other and the natural world. A native New Yorker and perennial traveler, Nickis an accomplished artist, musician, forthcoming author and graduate of Emory University in Atlanta. He is currently earning his Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of West Georgia, where he teaches courses on self-discovery, conducts pioneering research on lucid dreaming, and inspires the next generation of teacher-healers to realize their maximum potential.

Calling all singers, beat-boxers, space travelers and lovers of sound!

Experience a multidimensional, improvisational pilgrimage of breath, rhythm, melody and flow designed to open your heart, free your voice, and cleanse your soul! No experience necessary.

Experience the raw, primal energy of Kecak, the Balinese Monkey Chant ritual. Tap into your inner animal and share your voice with the tribe in what is sure to be an epic spectacle of sight, sound and soul.




Kennedy is an avid didjeridu player, energy worker, artisan and distributor. Untrained, yet eagerly self-disciplined, he has practiced stepping out, so that spirit may step in. The true healer is simply a vessel, allowing untainted consciousness through the clear channel of the mediator. The didjeridu embodies this eloquently, and he attempts to mimic it’s clarity, becoming an extension of the hollow tube, holding a container that encourages self-healing.

Sound Showers Guided Meditation – Live Acoustic Sound Healing Symphony

Didgeridoo-focused, multi-instrumental showers of vibration. A symphony of healing sounds. These are stories of effervescent serenity, told not with words, but with sounds, aligning the soul to the vibrational essence of existence. 
 The vibrations flood through the body, knowing exactly where they are most needed. And if you invite and allow them to, they will gladly break free any stagnation within you, encouraging a seamless flow of energy that is your natural state. Using the didjeridu, gong, monochord, flute, chimes, singing bowls, ocean drum, buffalo drum, my partner holding the soft heartbeat rhythm, and vocal harmonies, the container of spontaneous acoustics is suggestive and supportive of people’s personal journeys as an opportunity of self-healing.



Misha Eli Rubenstein

Misha Eli Rubinstein has studied Martial Arts, Communications, and Theology for most of his life. He has served on projects such as EARTHDANCE, Volunteer Community Connections, B.e. Easy Music and Arts Festival, Association of Florida Teaching Artists, Harvey Milk Festival, and TELEMIAMI under guidance of Internationally-renowned professionals. In 2009, Misha graduated from East-West College of Natural Medicine, and formed Spiral Enterprises, an organization specializing in Self-Expression, Kinetic Artistry, and Community Engagement. He has recently taken the role of Creative Director for Florida Modeling Network, the leading social network for Artists, Businesses, Citizens, and Charity Organizations in Florida. Currently, Misha is developing a unique project known as Go MAD Storyteller Challenge in an effort to showcase how we “Model A Difference.”


Steve McAllister

Steve McAllister believes that all things start as thoughts, and if we wish to make them manifest, we had best write them down. After earning a Bachelors degree in Psychology and dubbing himself a Renaissance Man, he wrote his way across the country, through the underbelly of America, to write The Rucksack Letters. A journey that ended in Los Angeles where he studied writing songs and screenplays while putting his film production technology experience at Valencia Community College to good use, working for Hollywood projects such as Paradise Hotel, Dragnet, and Something’s Gotta Give.

Returning to Sarasota in 2004, Steve has been involved in the community as an artist, an activist, an actor, a musician, filmmaker, and a community organizer. Examining the possibility for Sarasota to become a marketing mecca, with a little help from two visiting extraterrestrial life forms, he crafted the scenario in How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld. Throughout his infamous year without money to his campaign for County Commissioner, he has served as Architect of The Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path and has been writing his upcoming book about ABC (squared) Economics, a more balanced approach toward collaborative, resource-based economics.

Steve was also integral in the development of the Common Wealth Time Bank, Sarasota’s first complementary currency, and The Flow Factory, a think tank for sustainable living and artistic, entrepreneurial, and charitable causes. His most recent project is a serial documentary on how Sarasota ends homelessness called Home Free. He enjoys writing and loves to help people find their voice.

Moving beyond Money

A look into how we move past the limitations of competitive finance and into an economy of collaboration and abundance. With the financial system failing as it has, more people are realizing the limitations of money as a sustainable means for a strong economy. As awareness of shortcomings, it falls upon us to recognize the true value of life and the wealth that awaits us beyond the debt-based economy. What does a world without money look like to you?

Cultivating Complimentary Currencies

How to establish and grow local currencies in order to maintain a strong economy in spite of Global Instability. With the new tools that technology affords us, people around the globe are taking advantage of the ability to leverage their time, talents, and treasures beyond the limitations of the economy of scarcity. Recognizing that every individual is more valuable than the paper in their pocket, complementary currencies allow us to celebrate our true assets, create community, and develop local resilience in times of federal or international economic stability. How can you expand your economic viability with what you truly have to offer?


Jonathan Bowen pic

Jonathan Bowen

After hitch-hiking across the country with his dog, Jonathan has realized the importance of sustainability, supporting local community, and environmental activism. Committed to changing the world, Jonathan is a huge advocate for clean energy. He is currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio where he attends college, pursuing a degree in solar power technologies.

Local People for Local Control

This workshop will discuss the implications of the the process Hydraulic Fracturing, also known as Fracking. Protecting the community is of the utmost importance and the best way is by declaring right for these communities. Diving deep into a bill known as The Community Bill of Rights, individuals will learn how to begin the process of legally ban fracking and other fracking related activities.


Erika Czerwinski

Dr. Erika Czerwinski is a clinical psychologist, who co-founded a non-profit in, and dedicated much of her work to, wilderness therapy. She has traveled extensively to live with and learn about different human cultures. She studies the neuroscience behind attunement, body-mind connection, and unconscious communication, to better understand the natural paths of human relationship. Similarly, her studies in meditation, yoga, essential oils, feminine archetypes, and Egyptian mythology scaffold her work. These seemingly disparate areas ballast her professionally and personally in her roles as clinician, teacher, and guide.

The Art and Practice of Holy Oil Anointing

In this workshop you will be introduced to the history and art of holy oil anointing. Providing a basic foundation, this 1.5-hour workshop describes the science behind anointing, and discusses its use in ancient practices— from consecration to rites of passage in the sacred ceremonies of Egypt. This workshop will begin with informative discussion and end with a self-anointing practice and a guided meditation that uses the oils as a connection to one’s own inner knowing.


Sirius Colors

Sirius Colors (Thomas Orr Anderson, M.A.) is a musician, physicist, inventor and sound therapist. Thomas earned his masters degree in physics studying the information storage capacities of space-time in the context of black holes and holograms. He has done extensive research in the fields of sound and vibration including investigations of the acoustics of sacred geometries and ancient temples. He travels the world studying with indigenous earth-wisdom masters and integrates their guidance into the music of Sirius Colors. Thomas has trained intensively in the ancient arts of Qi Gong and acupressure and travels to Mexico regularly to participate in sacred ceremonies, where he is currently an apprentice of a 101 yr-old Yaqui-Mayan medicine man. Thomas lives in a quest toward the re-integration of music, Qi, physics and sacred ceremony into the LOVE-AWAKENING music experience. Learn more at and

The Physics of Sound and Vibration

A basic understanding of the physics of sound and vibrations helps us to fully actualize our potential for uniting, harmonizing and awakening through music and sound.
 In this workshop, we develop a simple visual language by which to to perceive the deeper workings of sound moving through us and around us.
 We explore the fundamental concepts of:
, Frequency and Wavelength
, Reflection / Absorption / Diffusion
, Resonance and Entrainment
. We also explore the relationships between the fundamental properties and our body-brain processes (brain waves, heart rhythm, etc. ).
…And then we take it to the dance floor!


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Maurice Legendre

Raised in community, Maurice Legendre has been immersed in the complex emotional dynamics of group human interaction since he was a child. This experience helped him to realize that happiness comes from self-awareness and expression not universal truth. Yet at the same time he was overwhelmed by the dysfunction and persistence of fear, judgment and violence in the world. This lead Maurice to be personally fascinated with the process of how to create a peaceful heart and vibrant human culture and he has been writing on the subject for over 10 years. His first book; I Choose A Life I Love Living, is an introduction to happy and healthy living through self-awareness. With a passion to help humanity create a joyful and sustainable culture, Mauricehopes to inspire people to let go of judgment as they explore their own unique human experience.

Balancing the Heart; Dynamics of Love and Fear

This Levity Worthshop is an exploration of the dynamics of love and fear without a judgmental overlay. By looking at humans as celestial beings with the energetic properties of planets, galaxies, apples and so much more. We see a pattern forming that puts a new perspective on the Chakra energy system. Instead of a vertical alignment of energy centers, a two-source energy system presents itself. By developing non-judgment we can look at love and fear as bright and deep energy sources and open up these two energy channels. Exercises in this Worthshop will help participants to integrate these seemingly opposite emotions and connect to the universal energy within both Love and Fear.



J.D. Burnette

I am 25 years old, I have been living in East TN my whole life and I have been studying permaculture, transition and regenerative techniques for the last 3 years. I believe this to be my life’s calling. I got into it all for my own needs but the more I get into it, the more it becomes about others. I’ve always had a LOVE of nature. I enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing, bouldering, caving, and fostering life-enhancing systems.




Hello,My name is aupaya. I have a project called 0=1=infinity. I travel and play live interactive electronic music with my Magick solar suitcases which are completely powered by a solar panel/ solar battery system (No laptop). I’m also the resident musician for a yoga collective called the Soul Seekers Sangha we offer online courses and yoga classes with my live suitcase music. Om Brahman Om.

0=1=infinity. Aupaya and the Magick solar suitcases.
Come one, come all but not all at once step right up and experience the Magick solar suitcases. Have you ever desired to be a wizard and play with the colours of Magick? Well then look for the Magick solar suitcases during the weekend and we will have some fun. Anyone can create awesome live music, see you in the future~aupaya


Rohi Custage

Rohi Custage, M.A., HHC, RMT, is the Director of Energy Of Breath Institute, founded in 2006, based in New York and Florida, USA, home of the 200 hour BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner Training. She is a Somatic Psychotherapist, Breathworker, Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, Trauma Healing specialist, and Conscious Breath and Dance creator and teacher. She is also a DJ and music producer, and leads breath and dance journeys at large conscious events and festivals worldwide, including Burning Man. Rohi is on the Multiversity staff at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, where she leads a variety of consciousness processes, trainings, and OSHO Active Meditations.
She brings participants yearly to the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica to experience plant medicine spiritual journeys with the Secoya Elder Shamans of the Amazon. Rohi currently runs her private practice, based in Florida, and internationally, mainly working with Somatic Experiencing, BioDynamic Breathwork, and Reiki to support the healing of trauma and the path of expanded consciousness and personal awareness. She also specializes in supporting clients to recover from addiction. Rohi is part of a new movement in Breathwork called the Gamma Wave Breath, founded on research of the regulation of brainwave states and the clearing of non-serving thought patterns. Her clients report radical and profound life changes by experiencing her unique body of healing and awareness work. Rohi can be reached via

Ecstatic Gamma Breathing

Experience a powerful activation and optimization of all regions of your brain, all via breath! Gamma Breathwork is a cutting edge and highly powerful way of accessing expanded and higher consciousness states. You will experience a release of DMT, serotonin, dopamine and other feel good healing chemicals in your brain, and ecstatic body sensations. With the gamma breath we can access accumulated charges connected to trauma and stress and convert them into positive vibrational states, as well as extract and magnify energy from feel-good experiences we have had. Rohi Custage will guide this unique and healing journey accompanied by awesome music specially designed for this process.


Wichapi To Wi – Blue Star Woman- Barbara Meister Vitale

Raised by her Grandmother in the ancient Celtic traditions she gives a unique perspective to life. She was adopted by the Lakota Nation in 1980 and given the name, Blue Star Woman. Since that time she has been trained in many traditional cultures and ceremonies. Her training has included; Lakota, Huna, Hopi, Maori, Aborigine, Mayan, and the ancient Celtic ways. After having a vision she walks with the Blue Star Prophecies.Director of the Meta-Intelligence Institute, and author of the best-selling books “Unicorns are Real” and “Free Flight”, and editor of “The Circle of Life”, Grandmother Barbara is an international teacher.

Sacred Relationship with Plants: Indigenous Permaculture

Today many are drawn to Native American knowledge. Although sincere in wanting to walk the path in an honorable and sacred way, few have the opportunity to learn traditional knowledge. Grandma Barbara shares her knowledge of the sacred relationship of plants, ceremonies, and indigenous permaculture.

lizzy jahsun sophia bio pic

Lizzy and JahSun Martini

Lizzy & JahSun Martini are visionary leaders, coaches, circle facilitators, parents, and midwives to the New Earth Consciousness. Since the moment they met, they knew they had a divine purpose to fulfill, together. Almost 2 years ago, they gave birth to their daughter, Sophia Maitreya Sol. As a priest and a priestess of the sacred family, they use the medicine of daily life within relationship and parenthood to transmute the wounds of separation and re-awaken to the truth of our Oneness. They are Womb Awakening Apprentices with Azra and Seren Bertrand of and practicioners of Grail Shamanism sacred union practices. It brings them great joy to share their healing journey with others in service to the awakening of love and sacred union on the planet.

JahSun has lead and supported masculine initiations for over 20 years via the ManKind Project, Journey Men, Men of the Code, Boys to Men and is the founder and creator of the Fatherhood Initiation Training (FIT), a Mastery Systems Life Coach, and Facilitator of Men, Sacred Union, and Fatherhood circles. To learn more about his offerings please visit: Lizzy is a yoga and fitness instructor, women’s and mothering circle facilitator, relationship mentor, blog writer, conscious birth advocate, and Gene Keys student. To learn more about her offerings please visit:

Womb & Hara Awakening ~ Sacred Union Circle

Within your Womb/Hara lies a holographic blueprint of the energy of Creation which connects you to the Great Web of Life, encoding within you the deepest mysteries and meaning of Existence. Women, Men, and Couples, please join us for this potent circle, as we open to the wisdom of our Wombs and Haras and reclaim the wild feminine power of the womb goddess and reactivate the true sacred heart of the womb warrior; bringing them together into Sacred Union, healing the separation between the Masculine and Feminine and opening into the pure dimension of love. We will be engaging in ancient practices from the Magdalene mystery schools, however it does NOT involve personal sexual contact. This is a sacred container for emotional, soulful and energetic awakening into love.

Please found out more about these profound teachings through the Fountain of Life website at the following link: This circle is facilitated by Lizzy and JahSun Martini, who are apprentices with the Fountain of Life, and who hold deep initiations in bringing the path of Sacred Union into harmony with the journey of parenthood.