Kids Zone

Through educational play and workshops designed especially for kids and parents, Seedling Circle, is a community that provides a space dedicated to the wants and needs of the children who attend gatherings and festivals. It is an organization founded and run by wife and husband team: AnnaLee LeNoir-Kelly, Earl Kelly, and assisted by their daughter, Jeebie. Seedling Circle hosts events and workshops within the festival community and in the Nashville area and seeks to inspire, excite, and transform your ideas of festival culture by including our whole community, big and small, old and young. We seek to provide a space for families to bond in the festival environment and to enhance the festival experience for parents, their children, and all. We seek to ease apprehension and stress involved with bringing a child to a festival and to make the babes feel more welcome in a new and exciting world.

We hope to empower and inspire these little seedlings to become the most magnificent and influential people of our evolving future. We hope that our inclusion at your favorite festivals will encourage you to bring the whole family and make the most out of your experience.

Guided nature walk around the festival grounds to teach the little ones to slow down and appreciate the gifts of our natural world. We will learn about the plants that bees and other animals like, the plants that are harmful if touched or swallowed, the differences in size/shape/texture/color of many plants that we encounter, collect fallen natural items to offer to our Creators Corner.
In our Creator’s Corner we will use natural items to make art that we can take home to remind us of all of the things we learned, or that we can use to decorate the festival grounds and will be returned to the Earth at the end of the event. This will help us to find beauty in our natural surroundings and learn how we can use our skills and creativity to make the world more beautiful. We will also touch on impermanence and how to appreciate the present moment.
Guided playshop that will allow the children to learn more about their bodies and how they move using flow-toys and other props. We will touch on personal space, spatial awareness, and the importance of concentration.
Guided children’s yoga with a twist. We will use stories and sounds along with gentle techniques that stretch and strengthen our growing child.
Throughout the event, we will invite story-tellers and the elders to help teach the stories of our past and encourage the children to imagine and tell stories of their own.
Showcase featuring musicians who will perform for Seedling Circle and allow the audience to help along.