Earth Stage

Everything we have and experience is provided in some way or another by our earth, the ever-giving womb that birthed us and continues to cradle us and support our every step. No matter how much we continue to take, she keeps providing to her fullest ability. We invite you to stomp your feet in Gaia’s grass and give thanks for Pachamama’s eternal generosity all night long at our main stage.

Air Lounge

Breath is the key to life. Many of the mystery schools and spiritual practices throughout history have emphasized the importance of cultivating breath awareness and practicing breathing techniques. Come to the cozy air lounge to enjoy classes during the day and enjoy a variety of music including a wide array of chillout, acoustic, and world instrumental music throughout the night. Know that this is a place where you can always take a breath.

Sacred Fire

The whole game changed when humankind discovered how to create fire and harness its energy. Ever since then, the fire has been a central focus of culture and community and for good reason. Fire warms our homes, cooks our food, forges our tools, and powers our engines. Many cultures see fire as a living being that carries intentions from the physical world into the spirit realm to be manifested. Throughout the gathering, our firekeepers will be holding sacred fire space for those who are looking for a quiet place to ground, pray, and sing medicine songs. This will be, in a sense, the ceremonial center of the gathering.

Water Temple

We are just beginning to understand the extent of water’s magical properties.  Water holds intention, cleanses electromagnetic fields, and transmits energy in ways beyond what our current science can explain.  So come give thanks to that which makes all life possible and gives us so much, and say a prayer for all the waters of the earth to continue flow clean and strong.

The Grove Gallery

The Grove Gallery is both Art Gallery and Elixir Lounge. Need a cozy spot to rest between Earth Stage dancefloor sessions? Grab a delicious elixir and cuddle with a friend in the squishy lounge. Connect with the Live Painters’ and check out their artwork on display and for sale. When you’re ready and refreshed, continue exploring all the magic across the land.

Infusion Tea Lounge

The Infusion Lounge is a sanctuary of sacred space. This tea lounge is designed to create a cozy and intimate container for you to slow down wherever you are and whatever’s around you. Have a seat, a cup of tea, and connect with a friend, new or old. Tea will be available, free of charge, all hours that the Lounge is open (typically beginning in the evening.) The Infusion Lounge crew is here to support you in relaxation, rejuvenation, and nourishment for full celebration!


Incendia is a concept borne of the love, appreciation for, and possibilities that lay within the nature of a simple flame. Marrying the worlds of design, art, and science, a breathtaking environment has been created, thanks to the mathematical grace and precision of the geodesic concept coupled with the application of a proprietary fire-capturing technique.

Earth Skills Village

Building regenerative culture requires looking back to what has been, seeing clearly what is, and envisioning what’s next. Visit the Earthskills Village to see how the skills of our ancestors have a place in the technological paradigm, and how they can help us co-create a holistic, empowering future. Through making fire by friction, shaping hot metal or carving your own blissware, you’ll connect more deeply with yourself and the natural world. Connection with others and with divinity will flow naturally from there. Transformation happens on the material planes, as well as the astral.

 Healing Dome

Our healing domes form a sanctuary space where many lineages of healing are embraced and shared. Enjoy programming throughout the day including workshops, ceremonies, and sharing circles as we explore how to heal ourselves as well as the collective. Professionally trained healers will be on duty throughout the day gifting their healing modalities to those who need it, so stop by to receive what you need, and remember to always give what you can.

Osirian Flora Design

Osirian Flora Design creates unique sculptures, installations, and landscaping while utilizing natural and repurposed materials. Osirian Flora Design adds the awe-inspiring floral touch to several of our stages and temple spaces at Kinnection. If you keep an eye out, you may also just wander upon a sprinkle of their magic in unlikely places across the grounds.


Successful slacklining requires a seamless connection between body and mind, making slacklining an extreme form of movement meditation. Our workshops are taught using mindfulness meditation techniques in order to help participants cultivate a greater awareness of both body and mind. The Slack-Librium Slackline Park will be open during ALL daylight hours of the campout! No experience necessary. All ages welcome. Step into Slack-Librium… don’t be shy.

Kids Zone

The importance of multigenerational gatherings is paramount in order for these gatherings to be sustainable and to have the most far-reaching impact possible. We aim to make the Campout a family-friendly affair – so bring your parents and your newborn, and know you will be held in a safe & supportive container to do so. The Kids Zone will be open 4-8PM Thursday and 10 AM-4 PM Fri-Sat as a place for families to connect, featuring activities and supplies for playshops, crafts, and games.

 Bee Sanctuary

The Honey Bee Sanctuary is a place for everyone to learn more about honey bees. People can peek inside a live bee colony with our observation hive, talk to real beekeepers, have samples of delicious honey and pollen, and learn lots of new things about bees and how they survive. The Honey Bee Sanctuary will be open daily from 10am to dusk. This year, we will offer three workshops, two Story Times, and a Honey Tasting.