Earth Stage

We are excited to present a new and improved Earth Stage this year at Kinnection. The Earth Stage is designed to create a feeling of rootedness in the elements that make up our world. Employing natural materials, organic shapes, and representations of the four elements themselves, this stage is an honoring of our home planet. Moving from the lush daytime visual, the Earth Stage comes alive at night with colors, movement, patterns, and textures that draws the observer deep into the mystical Earth.

Air Stage

The Air Stage reaches towards the unseen world of air and spirit, exploring the movement, curves, and softness of these intangible elements. This stage plays with the air while wrapping around our earthly family in layers like the atmosphere. The energy at the Air Stage helps us gather together and build a collective bridge of energy from the earth to the grand arch of the sky.

Sacred Fire

Each year, we light a sacred fire at the beginning of the gathering and our intention is to tend it with grace and care for the entire duration of the event. The sacred fire is a warm, safe haven tucked away from the music, where prayer in all forms is welcome. The sacred fire will be across the road from the campground and a short walk up the hill. This space will be available all day and all night for folks to offer heart songs, medicine songs, prayers and silence. Please ask the firekeeper before giving any kind of offering to the fire. To find out about the scheduled happenings here, drop by and talk to the firekeepers. The intention is to hold ceremony each morning, evening, & late night. We believe it is important to have this space at gatherings and we are happy to provide it. We ask for your help in maintaining a respectful and reverent vibration in this space by keeping photography, videography, foul language, and alcohol outside of this area. Thank you.

Water Temple

The Water Temple is an open-door ceremonial space; a safe, yin container to come connect to your innermost self. This living altar is intentionally charged with ethereal energies to assist the blossoming of your soul. We invite you to come give thanks to that which makes all life possible and to say a prayer for the waters of the earth to continue to flow clean and strong. Located on the bank of the Clinch River, the Temple will be sharing many offerings to soothe and activate your awareness, allowing you to drop in more deeply to your Kinnection.

The Grove Gallery

The Grove Gallery showcases the work of 20+ local and regional artists sharing visionary art in the forms of paint, digital art, ceramics, and woodwork. You can connect with the artists here in the gallery or find them set up around the stages painting live.


Incendia is a concept borne of the love, appreciation for, and possibilities that lay within the nature of a simple flame. Marrying the worlds of design, art, and science, a breathtaking environment has been created, thanks to the mathematical grace and precision of the geodesic concept coupled with the application of a proprietary fire-capturing technique.

Earth Skills Village

Building regenerative culture requires looking back to what has been, seeing clearly what is, and re-envisioning what’s next. Visit the Earthskills Village to see how the skills of our ancestors have a place in the age of information. Highly experienced instructors from around the Southeast will be teaching their favorite skills in easy-to-access formats. Through shaping hot metal, crafting your own didgeridoo, or learning basic survival skills, you’ll connect more deeply with yourself and the natural world. In the evenings seasoned song leaders will teach and lead powerful, prayerful, and perhaps playful songs. Come sing with us and experience the magic of harmonizing with a hundred hearts. And when you hear the beat of the djembes and the dumbeks, come move your feet to a tribal beat.

 Healing Dome

Our healing domes form a sanctuary space where many lineages of healing are embraced and shared. Enjoy programming throughout the day including workshops, ceremonies, and sharing circles as we explore how to heal ourselves as well as the collective. Professionally trained healers will be on duty throughout the day gifting their healing modalities to those who need it, so stop by to receive what you need, and remember to always give what you can. At night feel free to find a moment’s breath and a quick stretch or cuddle in the squishy sanctuary of the domes.

Camp LovEvolution

“The true revolution begins within our hearts and ripples out to create a sea of change. Join us for heart and mind opening workshops and conversations in the LovEvolution Lounge and around our fire pit. Bring your instruments and an open heart to create music and laughter around the fire pit at night. To learn more visit” – The LovEvolution Crew

Cultivated Creations Floral Design

Cultivated Creations creates floral installations all from homegrown flowers grown in their backyard 1-acre farm! They will be adding their colorful floral touch to several of our stages and temple spaces at Kinnection this year. If you keep an eye out, you may also just wander upon a sprinkle of their magic in unlikely places across the grounds.


Slack-Librium is an educational organization pioneering a new brand of “Awareness-Based” education. Since 2013, they’ve been bringing their interactive & experiential curriculum to schools, camps, festivals, & events across the country. Slack-Librium creates fully immersive environments & experiences that help individuals develop balance – physically, mentally, & emotionally. We’re excited to bring our slackline park & lounge to Kinnection Campout in 2018, along with daily slackline & mindfulness workshops. Stop by the “slack park” any time throughout the weekend to learn from Slack-Librium instructors, practice on a variety of different slacklines, and relax in our community lounge space. Step into Slack-Librium!

Kids Zone

The importance of multigenerational gatherings is paramount in order for these gatherings to be sustainable and to have the most far-reaching impact possible. We aim to make the Campout a family-friendly affair – so bring your parents and your newborn, and know you will be held in a safe & supportive container to do so. The Kids Zone will be open 4-8PM Thursday and 10 AM-4 PM Fri-Sat as a place for families to connect, featuring activities and supplies for playshops, crafts, and games. Big thanks to the wonderful folks of Seedling Circle for offering this space!