Sunshine Jupiter is a multi-dimensional, multi-media artist, dancer, teacher, videographer, producer, and student of earth wisdom. She radiates effortless joy contagiously through her vibrant dance and will put you in a mystical trance with her pristine film production. Extensive training in a broad range of dance styles, from ballet to West African, led her to the energetic roots of all that is in motion. She now applies her ever-deepening awareness of energy movements to flow arts such as Hula Hooping, Poi, Fire Staff and Helio Dragon, as well as teaching and film production. She lives in a world of movement, rhythm, and inspiration… radiating her inner light. Learn more about her work at

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Debby Carrigan is a Florida grown, San Francisco based performance artist. She has performed all over Florida, entertaining audiences from corporate high-profile clientele on Star Island in Miami, to stadium events such as the Sony Ericsson Tennis Open.  Debby has performed at festivals such as Ultra and EarthDance, as early as 2007, and Burning Man Festival in 2009 and 2010 with international fire performance troupe The Pyronauts. Recently, she has performed at High-Sierra Music Festival and Symbiosis Festival in California. 
Debby began performing internationally in 2009. In 2014, she performed at renowned venue and stage, The Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington State. Beyond that, Debby can be found breathing fire in one of Beyonce’s fashion & music videos, and was featured performing with fire on a Japanese TV show syndicated to 3 million viewers.
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Luna Devika is a self-taught performance artist in Nashville, TN. She has thrived in the world of performing arts since she was a child. She started training in a variety of genres of dance at age seven, and went on to dance competitively just a few years later. She later discovered the magick of hula hoop dance. This discovery of flow arts opened many windows of creative, connected, confident, and communicative energy. When the art of fire manipulation was discovered, she truly found her lover and sacred medicine. She has now learned how to express her spirit through fire hoop, helio, contact staff, poi, fans, and fire eating and breathing. Communicating through this powerful element awakened her spirit to the beauty of fearless existence. Through this freeing path, she turned inward towards the body that boldly creates. Yoga quickly became one of her favorite gurus and conscious connector to mind, body, and spirit. She became passionate about accessing the divine through deeply sinking and breathing into intense postures. She has discovered her own yogic means to mold her body to bend to break through and release all energetic blockages. Staying true to her circus heart, she has learned to manipulate her yoga practice into contortionism. Luna works passionately to most fully utilize her sacred temple to create unique body art to nourish the spirit. She bends so she will never break. 
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Since Heather Martian‘s youngest years, she has studied a wide variety of dance and artistic movement including Modern, Lyrical, Ballet, Contact Improv, Hip-hop, Jazz, African, and Gymnastics.
Over cumulative time, Heather started involving herself in new atmospheres and resonating with new forms of spiritual awakening involving her art. She transitioned her personal study focusing on flow arts, fire spinning, subliminal painting, yoga, and aerial Lyra. Exploring an understanding of object manipulation and artistic expression, she has enhanced her connectivity with an expansive and expressive community, as well as continuing to unravel higher levels of divine love and consciousness within. Martian recognized that artistic expression synchronizes our frequencies and provides an emotional language for our intentions, purpose, and potential as a collective. She invites you to become inspired, and join a collaboration of all arts and share a creation of surreal imagination and evolution of life.

Jordan Proper is a co creator and performance artist who thrives in harmonious kinetic collaboration with others. Her performance is often a mixture of improvisation and calculated fluidity that is liquid dance. She weaves the thread of color & elemental themes into her steps while expanding the energetic sphere into a peaceful and loving flow of universal rhythm. She is often seen on stage with the magnetic and talented violinist, Govinda. Together they create an expanse of visual and audiogasmic experience.

Jessica Anderson is a multi-skilled performance artist from Nashville, TN.
She melts sensory perception with a strange yet delicate form of glitch movement.
Influenced by Vaudeville circus acts, hip-hop, contemporary dance and tutting, she captures your attention and seduces you with a variety of technique.
She is a multi-prop user including HulaHoops, Poi, Staff, Dragon Staff, Cane, Fans, Rope Dart and Fire Eating Torches.

Certified as Fire Safety Personnel from the Flow Arts Institute.
Jessica has performed at festivals such as: Fly Free Fest, Kinnection Campout, Further Fest and local events surrounding TN.


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Trillium Dance is an Asheville-based company performing choreographed dances and providing ambient entertainment at local events. Past performances have included Rites of Summer at New Mountain, Spring LEAF 2014, Asheville Percussion Festival and the after-party at New Mountain for Aquila: a Summer Carousel by the Fox and Beggar Theatre.


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Kreaturez specializes In transforming performers into out of this world beings . Through the art of make up fx , body painting, masks, headpieces, and costuming . We also provide a full backstage support for all performers , we set up stations for makeup , face / body painting , props, hair, wardrobe malfunction , and of course the kreature transformation station . We work hand and hand with the performance coordinator and performers to bring the extra edge for the performers !
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Ray (“Rager Rabbit”) is a top notch hooper and fire performer based out of Denver, Colorado. Since leaving home to join cirque du soleil several years ago, she has been developing herself as an artist, an instructor, and as a professional performer. Ray will captivate you with an incredible stage presence, and amaze you with some of the most innovative hoop manipulation out there.
Casey Houle began his journey with fire artistry in 2011. After developing a new style of double staff manipulation, he began to tour the Eastern US performing and teaching workshops. While traveling, he met Bryce, and they began talks about creating a fire talent agency, and a bigger picture began to develop. Now, Casey is co- owner and operations manager for EKM, as well as a core crew member at Incendia, a large scale fire effects and production company.

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