Cell Phones

Yes there is some cell service. Verizon works well. AT&T not as much.

Camping & Parking

Yes, all general admission tickets include camping.
The camping at Spirit Crossing is spacious. You will be able to choose between car camping, or walking a short distance into the river front camping area. Almost all camping is in large rolling fields so don’t forget to bring lots of shade!
Yes, you will be able to car camp. Yay!

No, individual campfires are not allowed. However, you may use gas camp stoves for cooking.

All tickets include FREE parking.
Yes, you may bring your RV or Bus.
No, it does not cost extra to bring an RV.

No. There will not be hookups or electricity for RV’s.

RV parking will be in the same general area as the car camping.
Yes, save gas money and reduce your carbon footprint by hooking up with a ride at Ricky Rides.

Box Office

The gates open at noon on Thursday May 17th.

Thursday: noon to midnight
Friday: 10am to midnight
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: *No entry*

***IMPORTANT – The gate closes with the box office each night.
There will be no entry into the grounds after 6pm on Saturday for the remainder of the event.

The event ends on Monday May 21st. All attendees must leave the campgrounds by noon on Monday. Until next time… :)


Yes, however minors (anyone under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Kids 12 & Under have free entry.

No, single day passes are not available. The following ticket options are available:

4 Day Passes (entry on thursday)

3 Day Passes (entry on friday)

2 Day Weekend Passes (entry on saturday)

No. Once you leave the event grounds, you may not re-enter. If you have a legitimate reason for having to leave and come back, email us at info@kinnectioncampout.org for pre-approval.

Yes, please go to the “volunteer” page on this website. Thank you!

You may choose from Will Call or Home Printing.

Vendini Support +1 (800) 901-7173 or info@kinnectioncampout.org

If you have “print at home” tickets, it doesn’t matter whose name is on the ticket. You can email them the ticket, and whoever scans the ticket first gets in.

If it is a “will call” ticket, you can email info@kinnectioncampout.org with the order number and the new name for the ticket and we will make the change in the will call system.


Yes, for booth vending please visit our Vending Application.
For “hand / blanket” vending, you may purchase a hand vending pass.

Vending of food and drinks is allowed only with official documentation present, and pre-approval by the event.

Only with pre-approval through the application process.

Yes, “hand-vending” inside the venue is allowed with a hand vending pass which can be purchased here for $25. Hand vendors may set up a vending space / blanket on the ground up 5ft x 5ft square. However, we ask that you please not vend next to the dance floor, the temple, or any workshop spaces. Rather than purchasing a featured vendor space in our marketplace for a booth, a hand vending pass allows smaller vendors the opportunity to vend at a more affordable rate and in a mobile manner. We offer this with the intention of promoting our local economy while also uplifting the offerings of a broader spectrum of our community!

General Questions

Yes, we will be selling ice during designated hours.

Yes you can swim and bask in the pristine water of the Clinch River but please do not use bathing products.

No, but feel free to rinse in the river. Just no shampoo or soaps.

No. Dogs are not allowed. No exceptions. If they are a real service animal with documentation, such documentation must be shown at the box office during check-in for pre-approval.

No, please leave all glass at home.

While there will be receptacles for compost, and recycling, there will be VERY few trash cans. This is intentional. If you pack it in, please pack it out to help us reduce the amount of trash left on site. This is a Leave No Trace event (if you leave a trace, make it positive!).

Health and Safety

Security and Medical services at Kinnection are provided by FLOW Event Services. These professionals are here to help keep everyone safe so all participants can have the most useful experience possible. In addition to utilizing the First Aid and Security services, the best plan is to practice self sufficiency by looking out for yourself and your festi mates first and foremost! Read on for some tips:
Make a checklist for your journey which may include:


Water bottle

Bug repellant

Close-toed shoes + warm socks

Flashlight/headlamp + extra batteries

Sufficient layers for night time chill

Water protection: rain jacket, umbrella, rain boots

Shade for your campsite


Once you get a camping location established, go around to meet your neighbors!

Identify landmarks for your camp to help you navigate home in the dark and potential extreme weather conditions. Consider bringing a bright visible flag, tapestry or another object to attach to your camp to help you identify it. Also make a point to bring trusted friends to your camp in the beginning of the festival so they know where you are staying.

Check in with your campmates daily before dark to share plans for the night. If you plan to “cut loose” that night, let your friends know and ask for support in helping keep you with a trusted crew and make sure you stay hydrated and safe. Similarly, offer to support your friends by making sure to check in with them throughout the weekend and offer your sober support when they need it.
The first aid booth is available and open all hours at the event. The people there are eager to help you with everything from cuts and bruises to more extreme potential conditions and emergencies. Do not hesitate to reach out to them in person if you or someone you know needs help. If you can’t make it to the First Aid booth, find someone close by with a radio and ask them to contact the medical channel.

If you can’t find someone with a radio- use your voice to call for help! “Medical! Medical! I need Medical help!” is the best way to quickly alert people to get response directly to you.

***If you encounter a person in need of medical attention, DO NOT attempt to move or transport them. Follow the rule of “They stay where they lay” and wait for the medical team to arrive. This could mean life or death for someone who may have a spinal injury. If you find yourself calling for medical help for yourself or someone else, stay where you are until help arrives so we can find you.***

The security team consists of health and safety professionals who have been helping to protect patrons at events for decades. Their primary focus is de-escalation and conflict resolution. The security team is on site to help keep everyone safe which ensures you can have a fun and relaxing experience at the event. Just like with First Aid, please do not hesitate to contact Security if you or someone you know may be in danger or needs help.


There are security emergencies which require immediate help, and there are also non-emergencies in which case it is appropriate to approach or radio the team to ask for a private conversation. The safety of everyone at the event depends most on people like you to help share insight on possible threats and/or areas of concern.

Our goal with Health and Safety is to consistently grow in learning to help look out for each other. We envision a future where all members of the community are empowered and educated with the tools to collectively perform these vital roles. Help us make that a reality in 2018!


Thanks for helping keep the Kinnection Family safe together with us!

Kinnection and FLOW Team