Earth Skills Village

Building regenerative culture requires looking back to what has been, seeing clearly what is, and re-envisioning what’s next. Visit the Earthskills Village to see how the skills of our ancestors have a place in the age of information. Highly experienced instructors from around the Southeast will be teaching their favorite skills in easy-to-access formats. Through shaping hot metal, crafting your own didgeridoo, or learning basic survival skills, you’ll connect more deeply with yourself and the natural world. In the evenings seasoned song leaders will teach and lead powerful, prayerful, and perhaps playful songs. Come sing with us and experience the magic of harmonizing with a hundred hearts. And when you hear the beat of the djembes and the dumbeks, come move your feet to a tribal beat.

Fuz Sanderson
Fuz Sanderson
Fuz Sanderson is an endangered species biologist,  Earthskills teacher, musician and storyteller.  He has over 25 years as a wilderness instructor, naturalist, and research biologist for organizations such as 4H, National Wildlife Federation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, US Forest Service, US Park Service, and the Green River Preserve. Fuz coordinated the Earthskills Rendezvous for 8 years, and is founder and coordinator of the Piedmont Earthskills Gathering in central North Carolina.
Fuz Sanderson will teach you how to make and decorate your own bamboo didgeridoo.  We’ll touch on the  cultural history of Australian original peoples and other uses of bamboo.   The class will finish with playing techniques and circular breathing.
This class is limited to 15 people. If you are interested, show up early because the class fills quickly! Note this class asks for a donation of $15 to cover the materials cost.
Want a forty minute fork with some custom steez? Learn how to carve you own fork from bamboo and walk away with a new utensil for your road kit!
Scotty Karas
Scotty Karas
Scotty values deep nature connection, immersing himself in study of and play with the natural world.  Scotty loves to share in this connection with his community and teaches children in Asheville through the Forest Floor Wilderness Program.  He uses his knowledge of Permaculture design and organic gardening to create landscapes that respect and honor the earth while providing natural abundance through his Permaculture Cooperative, Whole Tree Permaculture.  He is currently undertaking a project that will plant Edible Forest Gardens in Schools and community spaces throughout the Southeast.  Scotty uses honorable harvesting practices to gather wild food and medicine feeding, nourishing and healing himself and his community.  Scotty is also a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Thai Yoga Massage practitioner.
In this walk we will break through seeing plants as a green wall, learning both common identifying characteristics of plants and how to relate to them.  We will learn to identify common and useful edible and medicinal plants experientially, through using our senses.  By experiencing each plant as an alive being with a unique story and personality, we will being to develop, or continue, our individual relationships with the plant.  Beyond the “Green Wall”  is an alive world, full of plant allies of healing and nourishment.  See you there!
In this workshop we will learn tools to quiet the mind and activate our senses.  We will learn tools and techniques for sensory meditation.  By quieting the mind and expanding our senses we increase awareness of our surroundings and build a foundation for connecting deeply to place.  We will play various games that practice these sensory awareness techniques.  This workshop is great for both kids and adults.
Indigenous peoples throughout the world have one thing in common, they know a certain place on Earth really well.  This workshop introduces sit spot, a practice for becoming intimately connected with one place.  Using meditation techniques and sensory awareness we will learn to quiet our minds, opening our consciousness to the vibrant and living natural world all around us!
Asa Hewlett
Asa Hewlett
Experience the alchemical magic of heat and hammers transforming raw metal into finished tools. Watch two masters at work, and try your hand at the forge. No experience needed. First come first serve.
Sangoma Oludoye
Sangoma Oludoye

Sangoma Oludoye is a wife of 28 years, mother of three daughters, 12 amazing Grandmasters and our first Great grand was born of January 23rd of this year. Sangoma is a traditional Yoruba priestess, Afin chief and member of the Egbe Moremi, National African Women’s Society in the Kingdom of Oyotunji African Village, located in Sheldon SC.

 Oyotunji is  North America’s oldest, authentic African village founded in 1970 by HRH Oba Oseijeiman Adefunmi whom Sangoma met at age 12. A graduate of Clark University, Worcester, Mass in 1977 with a BA in Theatre Arts. After a 20 year career in broadcast journalism , television, radio and cable…life presented the opportunity to explore shamanism, female rites of passage, pan africanism and Wise woman Traditions. Sangoma has taught at numerous summer camps and Earthskills gatherings throughout the southeast for the last three decades.

Sangoma is an artist, Sacred Activist, multicultural educator walking the path of the Peacemaker and building bridges of unity through diversity. She founded the Kindred of Sangoma in the late 90’s and was the event coordinator of 4 Tribes 4 Peace , Fall Equinox 2017, Cherokee Farms, Lafayette, Ga.

“As we walk the Earth, we are warmed by the heat of the ancestors coming from the underworld below us. Fire opens the doorway to the Spirit world and allows our psyche to commune with other life present, past and future.”
Malidoma Some, The  Healing Wisdom of Africa
Ritual: How shall we cast this circle?

13 times a year Grandmother Moon is new and Full. From the seats of the council fires burning before ours…we access realms, angels, starseeds that anchor our birth death and everything in between. In this Lodge great wisdom is shared among the Council of All BE ings…the collective of who we are! Stories of the Moonlodge and its origins among indigenous cultures to maintain balance between feminine and masculine energies. Together we create a Vision Lodge for all Beings.

Nature, Superpowers and Sacred Activism: together we will share tools for deepening our connection to Mother Earth and all our relations.  We will review the uses and applications of Medicine Wheels, Shields as it relates to inspiring and activating the power of the Sacred in our modern world.  Peace Principles and embodying the Good Message anchors this time together. We are the Circle….and we are calling YOU!

 is designed to assist those that seek balance through ancient indigenous rituals and practices. Grounding ourselves in Nature and accessing our beliefs in this season of unprecedented change is paramount to maintaining healthy living skills. As with any skillsets that we are unfamiliar with, the key ingredients are knowledge, wisdom and practice.

When we know what the agreements are…or what new agreements  need creation. The agreements between the Living, Dead and those waiting to be born are the foundation not only for safe and healthy ancestral veneration, they are the WAY by which our journey through the Earth school is navigated. Ancestral trauma and neglected repairs in our family lineages play out everyday…and are either “Our blessing or Our disgrace”. In striving toward righteousness…or right standing with the Spirit world, we must know and master our ancestors’ codes of conduct. What are rules of engagement???

In other words ..”What is your Wakanda State of Mind?”

Anna has been spending years finding herself within the organic community. During
this time she found her love for beekeeping, vegetable production, livestock,
managing farmer’s markets, and mushroom cultivation. After moving onto a
homestead to start her own operation she has become closer with the idea of
bending her environment to work for her. She has become entranced with
connecting herself to her land and having it in turn provide for her. The thing that
her connection with the land has showed her has changed her life and path; that is a
gift she wishes to share with all who will listen.
Participants will be creating a native bee hotel to promote bee populations. During
this activity we will be talking about different ways to encourage bee populations on
both a small and large scale.
The world around you can provide you with all the materials you need for a visually
stunning piece. Lets look at the basic principals of art and how nature can create
these for you. We will work with many aspects of our environment to create natural
glue, texture, colors, shapes and possibilities!
Kyle Cifaldo
Kyle Cifaldo
Kyle Cifaldo is a homesteader and primitive skills enthusiast. Learning to live more sustainably on the planet can seem like a daunting task but Kyle has spent his life learning to live in harmony with the land. Reconnecting other people with their ancestral skills is an opportunity he welcomes and hopes to share in an effort to create self sustaining people, communities, and peace wherever he can.
Outdoor mushroom cultivation will focus on a common edible mushroom known as the oyster mushroom or Pleurotus ostreatus. In this class I’ll cover what kind of environment and growing substrate this mushroom will need and participants will be given the opportunity to inoculate their own mushroom logs (which I will provide along with oyster mushroom plug spawn) to bring home with them.
The art of fire is a class built to reconnect humans with the element of fire. Participants will learn how to make a friction fire with items gathered from their environment.
The basics of outdoor survival focuses on teaching the skills necessary for an outdoor survival situation. Participants will learn “The big 4” and other skills critical to not only surviving but thriving on the land.
Kyle Cifaldo
Kyle Cifaldo
Spencer 2 Dogs Bolejack operates Land of the Sky Wilderness School in Western North Carolina where he lives with his wife and three kids.  An apprentice of mountain man Eustace Conway in the 1990s, Bolejack holds rank in multiple styles of martial arts including a 5th degree black belt in ninjutsu.  After a rough start at Appalachia, he gave everything away and moved into the woods for a total of three years, surviving on little and accumulating many of the skills discussed in camp. Eventually graduating from UNC-A, he has taught public school, won state-level awards from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, has been published in Best Practices for Middle School Teachers and has taught internationally.  The 11th generation Carolinian also co-hosted 59 episodes of Discovery’s Hillbilly Blood and authored The Appalachian Ninja, available on Amazon.
Students will embark on an adventure to hone and fine tune our sensory relationship with the world. Sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, and intuition are all faculties that we use but have allowed to become dormant in a more domesticated world. Exercises and games make survival instincts fun. Awaken your inner ninja!
Class will cover basic and advanced fire skills from wet weather ignition to home made accelerants, friction tools and technique, improvised starters and various setups for different fire purposes. Tree/wood identification and cooking tips included. Bring a knife if you have one!