Keith McDade
Keith McDade
Keith McDade, Ph.D. combines his work experience in a range of sustainability-related professions with an education and career in building more sustainable communities.  He is currently an Associate Professor of Sustainability Studies at Lenoir-Rhyne University Center for Graduate Studies of Asheville, a Director of the MS program in Sustainability Studies, and a Co-Director of the Reese Institute for Conservation of Natural Resources. He has organized the past four “Bioneers Resilient Community Network” conferences in Asheville, NC. Dr. McDade has worked in California, Oregon, Vermont, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Laos, England, The Federated States of Micronesia, and The Gambia (West Africa) on various aspects of creating more sustainable communities. He strives to learn, help others (when possible), and enjoy life at every chance he gets.
How can we begin moving our communities in a better direction? What ingredients are needed to create whole, sustainable, regenerative, resilient communities? Who should be involved (what is your role in this)? Where might we start?  Come join this circle conversation to share and learn about some of the most promising considerations for building better communities in the places where we live.
Some of our musical artists have agreed to share their time and knowledge in a new style of panel which we hope to be radically inclusive. Here is a unique chance to sit and discuss modern music production techniques as well as the talk about the direction that these works are going. Subject matter will include modern musical tech, songwriting philosophy, as well as insight for aspiring producers. All are welcome to join the conversation!
Gather with Braden Trauth, Ande Schewe, Lola Schewe, Zach Richards, and J.D. Burnette as they discuss the struggles, triumphs, and lessons learned in their personal lives as they ventured down the respective paths that led them to Permaculture. Next, the discussion will hone in on how the results of early life influenced the beginning stages of their practices. Lastly, we will venture into asking what they feel ‘Permaculture is not’.
Embarking on the fatherhood journey or exploring the possibilities of having a child? An interactive panel of 5 men that share their experience of the rewarding, challenging, and ultimately transformational path of fatherhood. They invite the community to engage and ask questions.
Lizzy and Jason Martini
Lizzy and Jason Martini
Lizzy Martini is a visionary & community leader, called to Asheville to midwife the New Earth Consciousness which is birthing here, now.  Her vision is to create a conscious civilization, equipped with permaculture farms, holistic education and wellness center, renewable energy systems, conscious birthing and dying temples, and community gathering spaces.  A village to raise the next generation of humans with love and mindfulness, and to act as a blueprint model which inspires the world.  She is inspired by the unlimited potential of humanity when we come together as a tribe and heal separation, when we each bring forth our gifts in service to the whole, and when we live in right relation to the earth and one another.  She teaches yoga, leads women’s circles, sacred union circles, and council circles, facilitates transformative group journeys, and unites the tribe. She is a mother, fitness instructor and holistic personal trainer.  She lives and is birthing the community vision, in Asheville with her partner JahSun, and their daughter, Sophia.
Jason “JahSun” Martini is a truth-seeker, activator, connector, and visionary leader, who is committed to awakening the masculine and all of humanity into an Empowered Way of Being, as we co-create this New Earth together.  He has been studying masculine initiation, the human potential movement, and expansion of consciousness for the past 20 years.  His life journey has included a decade as an Air Force Officer, extensive ceremonial and shamanic initiations throughout the U.S. and world, and in 2013 choosing to answer the call to move from the West Coast to these Sacred Mountains with his Beloved Lizzy to give birth to their daughter, Sophia.  Upon Becoming a Proud Father, he was inspired to create a Fatherhood Initiation Training (FIT) for Dads to Be the best they can Be.  He is currently a N.C. Real Estate Broker committed to supporting people in finding their ideal homes, inspiring commUnity, and co-creating the village!
Women’s Temple:

Come connect with and relax into the arms of your village sisters, as we heal the wound of separation and reclaim our trust, support, and honor of one another.  As sisters, mothers and midwives of the New Earth, we come together in alliance and harmony to awaken the power of our Shakti, to inspire the hearts of our brothers, husbands, and fathers, and to catalyze transformation on the planet.  We will open the space with embodied practices to get grounded and centered in ourSelves and our sacred and wild femininity as we open to joy and luxuriate in the sensual pleasures of being in female bodies, on this abundant earth.  Clay mud masks and essential oil spritz’s provided.  From this place we will meet our brothers, in our raw beauty, for a ceremony of forgiveness and true acknowledgement of each other’s souls.  This is the perfect way to start the final day of your festival experience, we hope you join us!

Men’s Council:

Join us as we gather the men together for sacred council, uniting the tribe of conscious brotherhood and celebrating our roles as peaceful warriors and loving planetary protectors.  May we lay down our swords and shed our competitive past so that we may rise together in honor, integrity, wisdom, and bravery as devote ourselves in service to the birth of the New Earth.  We will open the space with embodiment practices to cultivate sacred union within ourSelves, and create trust, connection and resonance within the tribe of men, and from this place we will meet our sisters, for a ceremony of forgiveness and true acknowledgement of each other’s souls. This is the perfect way to start the final day of your festival experience, we hope you join us!

Masculine/Feminine Sacred Union Ceremony:

Immediately following the Men’s Council and Women’s Temple, the men and women will weave together in a community healing ceremony of sacred union, with the intention to heal the chasm between our genders.  In order for the New Earth to birth, the men and women must come into sacred union. Through forgiveness, honor, and love… we mend what has been broken, and we rise up together and kings and queens, divine mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers of the New Earth.  This is a deep & potent ritual that will ripple out into the universe and create massive healing on a personal as well as  planetary level. Although we encourage participation in BOTH the men’s council/ women’s temple…we invite you to participate in this sacred union ceremony even if you do not attend the opening circles.