Our Mission

The mission of Kinnection Campout is to bring people together for the purposes of enlivening the soul, strengthening our feeling of interconnectedness, and deepening our experience of walking this planet. It is our intention to offer a vehicle for accelerated evolution on our path to becoming a more grounded, compassionate, and thriving community capable of anchoring in a way of being that is in service to all life.

Goals & Strategies

  • We serve superfood herbal elixirs and provide a free tea lounge that gives the community healthy alternatives for stimulation instead of serving alcohol.
  • We hire food vendors who provide organic meals with vegetarian and gluten free options and who strive to source food from local farms.
  • We intentionally schedule our music stages to end at a reasonable time that encourages good nights of rest for a majority of the gathering. Our schedule is designed to guide the community towards an all night dance party and ecstatic peak sunrise experience on sunday.
  • We offer workshops on yoga, meditation, interpersonal relating, and emotional processing work.
  • We bring in a team of trained Guardians who’s sole purpose is to hold space for the gathering and offer a safe, sanctuary space for individuals who may being dealing with overwhelming emotions.
  • We bring in wisdom keepers who are carrying indigenous teachings to share these traditions with the community.
  • All weekend we offer a sacred fire space that is stewarded by a team of fire-tenders in the old way for the purpose of providing a safe, quiet place where anyone can go to pray, meditate, or sit in silence.
  • We view the entire gathering as one large ceremony and offer opportunities for the community to remember the purpose of why they have come together and to intentionally call in what they are needing.
  • We bring in experts in the fields of permaculture design, botany, and ecology to give hands-on classes and plant walks on a wide variety of subjects.
  • We set up an entire Earth Skills Village with experienced instructors from the east coast Earth Skills Gathering circuit to teach practical re-wilding skills, crafting, and nature connection.
  • We strive to reduce waste by encouraging reusable bottles and dish-ware, providing free water filling stations, composting our organic food scraps, and using reclaimed and renewable resources for construction when possible.
  • We wish to replace fossil-fuel generators with mobile solar-powered stations whenever possible.
  • We are working to replace chemical porta-toilets with composting toilets (which is challenging due to county code).
  • We offer workshops that focus on inspiring participants and helping them find their gifts and sharpening their skills so that they can share them with the world.
  • We seek to attract active leaders and change-makers that are interested in finding like-minded community from all over the country and networking with them for future collaborations.
  • Our tight-knit community returns to our events each year to strengthen the relationships they develop at these events.
  • We are constantly searching for committed, hard-working, leaders who are interested in contributing to something larger than themselves, and we offer ways to volunteer and get involved as this community continues to grow.
  • We are currently developing a business model and cohesive plan for a land-project that incorporates aspects of a retreat center, permaculture farm, and ecovillage community.
  • We have an international network of professional allies who are supporting this endeavor by advising us in the fields of event production, real state, land development, financial planning, holistic farm management and community living
  • Members of our core production team are actively dedicating our lives to becoming educated and certified in permaculture design, regenerative real estate development, community decision-making structures, business development, and a wide range of other practical skills necessary for starting and managing a successful land-based project.

Campout History

The idea to host a weekend gathering and have our friends play music in the woods led to the first TC Campout in July 2012.  The result was a cross between our favorite events: incorporating the ecstatic nature of a music festival with the freedom of a burn, the laid-back cozy feeling of summer camp, and the intentionality of a retreat.  The idea was to bring our friends together to create our own gathering, based solely on what we could offer. We were the musicians, teachers, sound technicians, and chefs. Everybody brought their own unique piece of the puzzle to a home-cooked, low-key gathering in the woods. The result was an intimate, no-frills weekend that focused on interpersonal connection in the solitude of nature.

After producing 2013’s quarterly Kinnection series in cities throughout the Southeast with some of our favorite artists, we’d been dreaming about what it would be like to combine the production & talent of a Kinnection with the intimate outdoor magic of a Campout. Thus, in 2014 we scaled up the production, renamed the event “Kinnection Campout,” and invited the public to Avalon, SC.  Then in 2015 and 2016 we played in the hills of Deerfields in North Carolina. Now in 2018, we have found a new home at Spirit Crossing, Tennessee to continue weaving the tapestry of magic.

In a time when a new music festival seems to pop up every other day, there are plenty of options to choose from.  Each event has its own unique flavor based on a whole variety of factors ranging from the artist lineup to the location, from the attendees to the intentions of the people behind the event.  After years of attending and working music festivals around the world, we have developed our own taste for what we enjoy in a gathering. Wishing to embody the idea of “create the world in which you want to live,” we have blended up some of our favorite aspects and activities of a gathering into one package as an offering for our community. We hope you will be a part of the magic!

About Kinnection Productions

Kinnection Productions is an event production company based out of Asheville, NC. While Kinnection Campout is our largest annual event, we also produce single-day events in Asheville and other cities in the southeast.  Additionally, Kinnection offers support for other production companies and events with aligned values.  We provide a wide variety of customizable services including:

  • Event management and consulting
  • Geodesic dome rental and tent rental
  • Sound system rental
  • Workshop coordination
  • Experienced and professional event staff