Growing up in the mystical Upper Peninsula of Michigan allowed Aurelia to be instinctually connected with the flow of all four seasons, the balancing cycles of nature, and the wild, untamed essence of Lake Superior. She also spent years traveling North America as a professional aerialist and performance artist. Through these experiences, Aurelia sensed the disconnected sadness that the majority of people, including herself at one time, have from their spiritual self, their higher purpose, and a rooted connection with the Earth. For over a decade, Aurelia has followed her divine visions that have driven her to complete the Master Healer and Shamanic Apprenticeship with John Perkins and Llyn Roberts, as well as become a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. She has completed two Iyengar Yoga teacher trainings and is a Reiki Master. Following this Spirit-guided path has led her to encourage others to listen closely to the Earth, the whispers from spiritual guides and ancestors, and the truth within our hearts. By uniting her well-rounded background with shamanic practices of the indigenous people of South America, Aurelia guides people into their essence helping to illuminate their natural gifts that will inspire ecstatic living. Through learning from and teaching with some of the top shamanic teachers of our time, including John Perkins (best selling author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman) and the Q’eros of Peru, Aurelia shares the traditions and techniques of ancient and Earth connected cultures, as well as her personal discoveries. She has taught workshops and offered healings throughout the Midwest as well as at Sonic Bloom (CO), Rootwire Festival (OH), Water Woman Festival (Ecuador), Earth Night (OH), Symbiosis (CA), Cosmic Convergence (Guatemala), and Envision Festival (Costa Rica). Liza’s main focus is to align our hearts with the heart of the Earth, and in doing so, she believes we can reawaken the divinity that lies within us all.

Shamanic Journeying

In this experiential workshop, Aurelia will lead you through drum-guided shamanic journeys. Tap into your expanded consciousness to connect more deeply with yourself and with Source. Through active meditation, you will travel to the spiritual realms, gain information and messages from spirit guides, and bring it back into the physical realm to benefit all sentient beings. These techniques can be taken home and easily integrated into your personal practice. Come play with your guides, gain clarity, and reawaken your divinity.

Shamanic Healing Circle

In this ceremonial workshop, Aurelia will offer sacred space and hold a strong intention for healing. First, an energetic cleansing will be facilitated and then a soul retrieval; Aurelia will be calling back parts of our souls that we have lost or leaked from our energetic bodies along the way due to trauma. This healing may include some or all of the following: drumming, rattling, singing, hands on healing, and/or energy work. Please bring an open heart and an intention.



Nick Atlas

Nick Atlas is an evolutionary educator and a dream yogi with over a decade of disciplined practice and deep spiritual inquiry. A world traveler, Nick is an accomplished artist, musician, forthcoming author and graduate of Emory University in Atlanta. He is currently earning his Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of West Georgia, where his ongoing research on lucid dreaming has been hailed as “pioneering”.

Dream Yoga

Tap into an endless source of inspiration and healing energy available to us while we sleep. Whether you’re an active dreamer or haven’t recalled a dream in years, join Nick for this groundbreaking experience in Dream Yoga, safely lifting the veil between waking and dreaming through a variety of ancient and contemporary techniques – including invigorating breathwork and expertly guided Yoga Nidra. Learn to increase dream recall, to awaken in your dreams (i.e., to become lucid), to meditate while you’re dreaming, and to integrate the magic of dreams into the totality of your being.


Calling all singers, beat-boxers, space travelers and lovers of sound!

Experience the co-creation that is Circlesongs (created by Bobby McFerrin), a multidimensional, improvisational pilgrimage of movement, breath, rhythm and melody designed to open your heart, free your voice, cleanse your bodymind and to transcend through the yoga of sound. No experience necessary.

Balinese Monkey Chant

Guaranteed to be a highlight of your weekend if not your life, experience the raw, primal energy of Kecak, the Balinese Monkey Chant ritual. Tap into your inner animal and share your voice with the tribe in what is sure to be an epic spectacle of sight, sound and soul. You don’t want to miss this!

Qi Gong

Explore the ancient Taoist healing art of qigong, a flowing practice and philosophy designed to balance yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies in the bodymind. Tap into the elemental forces of nature, learn to circulate and revitalize your vital energy, to self-heal and to heal others! No experience necessary.


Artist Discussion Panel: The Artistic Process and Following the Muse

Curated by Isaac Cotec (Subaqueous), featuring Bird of Prey, Subaqueous, EarthCry, Living Light and SIXIS

The artistic process is an undulation of personal exploration and outward expression. This Panel discussion will be a gathering of musicians that have been on the cutting edge of music. Together we will dive into the questions of; Inspiration, sharing our music, our process, how to move ourselves and the world through music, and more.

This panel discussion will also be an opportunity for people to connect with some of the headliners of the event by asking questions. We will touch a lot on music theory and production, but we will also be connecting with the audience on a personal level on what it means to be an artist in this digital age.



The Science of Spirit with bioLuMigen

A presentation and discussion of interesting ideas about the interconnection of science and spirit AKA the consciousness, intention, the nature/illusion of reality, quantum mechanics, the parallels between physics and mysticism, infinite oneness and how we interface with this field through the human bio-mechanism…




Based in Asheville North Carolina, Slack-Librium is a Slacklining collective whose mission centers on building conscious-community and creating positive change by setting up instructional slackline workshops at schools, festivals, gatherings and other events across the country. Slacklining, for those of you who don’t already know, is the act of balancing on a one to two inch piece of webbing that is tensioned between two objects, usually trees. More advanced “slackers” will then add various tricks and static yoga poses into their practice. Successful slacklining requires a seamless connection between body and mind, making slacklining an extreme form of movement meditation. Our workshops are taught using mindfulness meditation techniques in order to help participants cultivate a greater awareness of both body and mind.

Step into Slack-Librium

You will enter our workshop as a human being… and leave as a human being who knows how to slackline. We like to keep it simple. ;) No experience necessary. All ages welcome. This workshop covers all the basics of slacklining and introduces some more advanced tricks and static yoga poses for those who are ready to take their practice to the next level. Expect to learn different methods of mounting the slackline, walking forward, walking backward, turning around, crouching, sitting down, standing up, jumping, etc. Our workshop emphasizes four principles of mindfulness: relaxation, concentration, balance, and patience. By applying these principles to slacklining, we effectively turn the activity into a form of movement meditation that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. Our slack-park will be open all weekend long with special workshop time-slots each day! Step into Slack-Librium. Don’t be shy.


MH CI pic at DC inaug

Michael Hurd

I’ve been exploring CI ever since it blew my mind in the late 90′s. I’m interested in finding ways to effort less and fly more, to always bring an empty mind and a full heart, and endeavoring to stop trying and just let the magic flow. A childhood interest in physics and play, and the lifelong joy of human touch found a home in contact improvisation.

I love to explore shifting momentum rather than stopping it, and seek this through focus on 30% technique and 70% play. How can we bend the laws of gravity?

The practice of Zen Buddhism has been my primary focus of the last 12 years. The spirit of bringing full presence to each moment deeply informs my approach to dance. What would it be like to dance each moment as if it was the first?

Contact Improv

A FUN introduction to the dance/sport/martial art/awareness practice of contact improv, covering basic skills, things to pay attention to, how to play safely, develop clear boundaries and practice being aware of our own bodies in relation to others. Also, some frank and open (and sometimes funny) discussion of how to navigate the occasional awkwardness of physical contact. All levels welcome. Children are welcome to attend with parents. A children’s CI class will also be offered in the kids’ zone.


tommydean.19 PM copy

Singing Circle with T Wesley Dean

T. Wesley Dean is a performing vocalist exploring participatory and interactive musical forms who offers to facilitate a singing circle. Anyone interested in participating in an improvised song circle is welcome. Explore the healing aspects of improvised group singing within the safe embrace of fellow singers willing to create and hold space through meditative, toning, and improvised singing. Meditation and singing are both based on control of the breath. If you can breathe we can create intentional sound together. Assuming that you have extensive experience in breathing, we will start with awareness of breath and expand from that centered awareness into toning as a circle and further exploration of circle singing. There is no set agenda. Previous song circles have started with a centering meditation, followed by group toning, harmonic chant, and singing rounds, to improvised part singing, and solo exploration over the rhythmic and harmonic support of the circle. A generous spirit is more important than great singing skill. 40 minutes to two hours by consensus of the circle.



J.D. Burnette

I am 25 years old, I have been living in East TN my whole life and I have been studying permaculture, transition and regenerative techniques for the last 3 years. I believe this to be my life’s calling. I got into it all for my own needs but the more I get into it, the more it becomes about others. I’ve always had a LOVE of nature. I enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing, bouldering, caving, and fostering life-enhancing systems.

Intro to SPIN (Small Plot Intensive) Farming: Empowering you to Fund, Fuel, and Enhance your Transitions

Do you garden, do you want to garden? Do you live in the city? I invite you to develop the skills that utilize your green thumb while earning a living as a producer. These transitional techniques will empower you and your community to develop needed connections and infrastructure as an aim to regenerating our planet and inspiring others.

-Learn beyond general organic, permaculture inspired, gardening techniques

-Learn how to work & move efficiently in the garden

-Work for yourself, with friends and with family.

-Inspire your community to take notice of the change our world is calling for.

Permaculture Life Hacks: Easing the Struggle for Transition and Regeneration

This will be a discussion-based workshop covering topics such as:

-Minimizing fossil fuel and energy consumption: Appropriate Technologies, Localization, Transportation, and Housing.

-Assessing Embodied Energy in “green” technologies: A focus on solar and heating

-Reducing landfill waste and building top soil: Chickens, Composting, Hugelkultur,

-Water conservation: Slowing, Storing, Spreading, and Soaking H20

-Decentralized, People Powered Programs: Uber, Couchsurfing, Crowdfunding, Upcycle, etc

Some of these topics will include how-to on DIY things like eco-friendly space heaters, rocket stoves, Top Lit Up Draft Stoves, Heating Water, house design and making small life adjustments for big impact.


sirius colors

Thomas Orr Anderson (Sirius Colors)

Thomas earned his Master’s Degree in Physics studying the information storage capacities of space-time in the context of black holes and holograms. He has done extensive research in the fields of vibration and acoustics including studies of the acoustics of sacred geometries and ancient temples. He was invited by the country of Malta to perform acoustic characterizations of the ancient Maltese hypogeum temple, the oldest human-made standing structure. Thomas also actively engages in the development of technologies for the use of sound in awakening and transformation. Thomas has worked for many years with the HeartMath biofeedback system as a tool for achieving harmony with our mind, body, emotions and surroundings. He has taught many workshops exploring the heart rhythms, heart-field and the relationships with our health, wellness and conscious unity with the earth and each other.

The Physics of Sound and Vibration

A basic understanding of the physics of sound and vibrations helps us to fully actualize our potential for uniting, harmonizing and awakening through music and sound. In this workshop, we develop a simple visual language by which to to perceive the deeper workings of sound moving through us and around us.

We explore the fundamental concepts of:


-Frequency and Wavelength

-Reflection / Absorption / Diffusion

-Resonance and Entrainment

-We also explore the relationships between these fundamental properties and our body-brain processes (brain waves, heart rhythm, etc. )…And then we take it to the dance floor.

The Rhythm of the Heart: Uniting our Heart Fields

The Heart’s electromagnetic field is the strongest in the body, thousands of times more powerful than the brain’s. It is also the easiest to connect with and control. With computer-based HeartMath biofeedback, we connect with the heart rhythms and learn how to easily achieve a state of coherence… where our breath, heart-rhythm, and brainwaves are naturally synchronized. We also learn how to easily synchronize our heart rhythms with each other’s and thereby move directly into a state of conscious unity. …And then we take it to the dance floor.


Asa under bamboo geo in Kalalau

Asa Dean

Asa enjoys serving up doses of vulnerabiliTEA time in unexpected locations like motionless escalators and airport lounges. Fluffy coats of kittens and desolate mountain tops are some of his favorite places to sleep, and when mobile you can likely find him traveling by magic bus or unicycle. Recognizing the dynamic beauty of our inter-dependance and the fierce tenderness required to occupy a life of truly joyful service, he notes that each of us holds the keys to all the answers and resources we will ever need.

Symbiotic Communication: Where Boundaries Meet Vulnerability

Beginning with a few games we will build trust amongst our group and begin to explore the relationship between our boundaries and vulnerability. Using touch, presence, and talking we will communicate with multiple forms of intelligence that we all use every day. We will highlight the differences between observations, feelings, needs, and strategies as we practice communicating in ways that transcend compromise and bring all parties involved to find joy in giving. Our session will complete as we pair with new accountability buddies and enter into supportive agreements that challenge and inspire us along our chosen paths.



Laura Karuna

Currently residing in Denver Colorado, Laura Karuna is deeply rooted in the healing arts community. She is currently studying at Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado. Passionate about massage, she also applies herbal arts and crystal energy in her practice. Laura has been working closely with herbs ever since her internship on an organic farm in Ohio, six years ago. Through her fascination with herbs her love for tea was born. Moving to Colorado only helped integrate herbs into Laura’s life; with jobs in a Chinese tea shop and in the medical marijuana industry. She strives to utilize the healing attributes of tea and fresh juice through her private massage practice.

The Sacred Art of Tea

Tea can be the most calm and meditative experience. There is nothing like sipping on a hot cup of puerh; slowly taking in the earthy aroma, before drinking the dark brew. Or drinking in the floral nectar of oolong, which can take you on a journey to the high mountains of Taiwan. Each style of tea has different needs to become the perfect cup. Through this workshop you will learn the basics about puerh, oolong, green, black and herbal teas. Focused on healing arts, Laura will discuss the health benefit for each family of tea. Ending the workshop with a demo of the Chinese tea ceremony and hot tea for everyone!




Kennedy is an avid didjeridu player, energy worker, artisan and distributor. Untrained, yet eagerly self-disciplined, he has practiced stepping out, so that spirit may step in. The true healer is simply a vessel, allowing untainted consciousness through the clear channel of the mediator. The didjeridu embodies this eloquently, and he attempts to mimic it’s clarity, becoming an extension of the hollow tube, holding a container that encourages self-healing.

Tangible Vibrations: Didjeridu Sound Showers

Just as a bath can cleanse your physical body so can vibration cleanse your energetic. Primarily utilizing the didjeridu’s vibration along with the gong, singing bowl, voice, monochord, flutes and chimes, you are invited to surrender to vibration through a spontaneous song of powerful resonance.



Sunshine Jupiter

Sunshine Jupiter is a natural born dancer and healer in a lifelong study of the movement of energy in all its forms. Her extensive training in a broad range of dance styles, from ballet to West African, led her to the energetic roots of all dance. She now applies her deep knowledge of energy movement to flow arts such as Hula Hooping, Poi and Fire Staff. In all she does, you will find her radiant joy helping energies to flow and blockages to melt away.

Sacred Hooping: Fundamentals of Flow

In this workshop, we explore the harmony of our feminine and masculine energies through meditations and exercises that root us in the fundamentals of the flow state.

We start in the sacred circle with 7 OMs and 5 microcosmic orbits, a simple Qi Gong exercise. In this entry level hula hoop class, we combine the exploration our own individual flow state with guided and decisive movements, resulting in a state of oneness with the sacred circle…where we are no longer hula hooping…we are doing-non-doing, Wu-Wei… the Taoist state where the dancer becomes the dance. Thus we nurture a deeper relationship with the perfection of the circle’s sacred geometry.

For the attendees: if you have your own hula hoop, you are welcome to bring them, but it’s not necessary… I will have extra! Dress in whatever is comfortable for body movement and bring a bottle of water.



Matthew Tewey

Matthew hails from Asheville, North Carolina. He spent his childhood in the northern part of Appalachia; Matthew study mediation and culinary arts at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, N.Y. Then studied Philosophy and World Religions at Clarion University in Western PA. After his academic pursuits concluded, Matthew spent two years traveling the great American West. At this point his pursuits become more about the physical. Spending his time deep in the canyons of Utah and in the high forests of Colorado and Montana. Climbing mountains and living from campsite to campsite. Hunting and bow drilling became as “everyday” as yoga and climbing. Upon returning home to Appalachia he stopped in Asheville to see about a job teaching wilderness survival to ” at risk” youths. And has been in Asheville for a decade, learning and teaching the variety of knowledge he acquired during his life journey.

Bow Drilling Workshop

The craft of bow drilling is a primary skill in wilderness survival. In this workshop participants will see the traditional Appalachian method of bow drilling a fire. There will be a demo and time for everyone to get their hands on a bow drill. Then we shall open a discussion about the role primitive skills can play in a sustainable future for our planet.



Rohi Custage

Rohi Custage, M.A., HHC, RMT, is the Director of Energy Of Breath Institute, founded in 2006, based in New York and Florida, USA, home of the 200 hour BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner Training. She is a Somatic Psychotherapist, Breathworker, Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, Trauma Healing specialist, and Conscious Breath and Dance creator and teacher. She is also a DJ and music producer, and leads breath and dance journeys at large conscious events and festivals worldwide, including Burning Man. Rohi is on the Multiversity staff at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India, where she leads a variety of consciousness processes, trainings, and OSHO Active Meditations.

She brings participants yearly to the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica to experience plant medicine spiritual journeys with the Secoya Elder Shamans of the Amazon. Rohi currently runs her private practice, based in Florida, and internationally, mainly working with Somatic Experiencing, BioDynamic Breathwork, and Reiki to support the healing of trauma and the path of expanded consciousness and personal awareness. She also specializes in supporting clients to recover from addiction. Rohi is part of a new movement in Breathwork called the Gamma Wave Breath, founded on research of the regulation of brainwave states and the clearing of non-serving thought patterns. Her clients report radical and profound life changes by experiencing her unique body of healing and awareness work.
Rohi can be reached via

The Gamma Wave Breath Experience – The DMT Molecule for Ecstacy and Consciousness

Rohi will take us on a Gamma Wave Breath and Dance Journey to activate the release of dopamine, serotonin, and DMT (dimethyltriptamine), leading to a state of expanded awareness and compassion.

In this session we will experience how to be in each wavelength of the brain to create various states of deep meditation and heightened ecstatic body sensation, through the Gamma Wave Breath. We will experience sheer joy through Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Zeta, and Gamma Wave states. As we learn how to evolve into a Gamma state, we immerse into the wavelength of expanded awareness, creativity, inspiration, celebration, oneness, community, love, deep healing, and profound ecstatic transformation. What is so wonderful is that our breath is always available to us, and can be utilized in infinitely powerful ways for manifestation, expansion, and profound evolution, the vast qualities of which are multidimensional and only just beginning to be seriously explored. You will also learn a one-minute breath exercise that you can do any time which will be life-changing in amazing ways.



Ed Haggard and the Love Drums: Saturday Night Drum Circle

Ed Haggard is a percussionist, drumming teacher, drum circle facilitator and band leader who loves to play. He leads the neo-tribal drum dance band, The Love Drums, and a kids percussion ensemble, The Drumbinos, which includes his 9 year old son. The Drumbinons played on the kids stage at LEAF the last two years. Ed and son also perform as a charming father son duo.

The Love Drums are inspired by drumming traditions from around the world, especially West Africa. After 20 years of study and play, Ed has recorded a studio album.

Ed and The Love Drums have hosted a Nashville monthly event called, The WhizBang, over 90 times. He’s currently hosting community drum circles at his community house, Paradise Village in Nashville. The band has played for effigy burns at Burning Man regionals, Drum & Splash, Nashville Shakespeare, Nashville Art Crawl… Ed’s been a theme camp organizer at seven regional burns.

Teaching is a large part of Haggard’s work. He has taught thousands of drum classes and workshops and has facilitated many drum circles. Ed was Music Director for Nashville Shakespeare’s 2013 production of Midsummer Night’s Dream with an all percussion musical accompaniment. He is a percussionist in a popular kirtan band called Samavayah.

Ed’s joy is to get in delightful groove and welcome others.


Dee Eggers

Dee is a tenured professor, TEDx presenter, environmental policy scholar, permaculturist and traveler engaged in her passion for creating a sustainable future for all life on Earth. She has pursued much conventional and informal education as well as training in leading personal transformation work because she believes that a critical mass of us must achieve a higher level of consciousness and mental health in order to be able to create that sustainable future.

Unleashing your inner leader: overcoming limiting unconscious beliefs

The greatest impediment to a sustainable future is not a lack of technical knowledge but the need for a critical mass of people to transcend our current level of consciousness. Limiting beliefs are some of the chains holding us back. These are programmed into our unconscious minds at an early age by our interpretations of experiences with family, society, etc. The unconscious mind is virtually unchangeable via traditional therapeutic routes. Most of us are unaware of the great extent to which a handful of limiting beliefs keep us from realizing our life vision. Participants in this fun and powerful workshop will have a chance to identify a few of their major limiting beliefs and practice multiple, effective techniques to defuse or eliminate them. In the days before the workshop you are invited to make note of what limiting beliefs pop into your head. You might even notice how often each one shows up and bring a list of them to make this workshop most effective for you. Common limiting beliefs include “I don’t matter,” “I can’t trust men/women,” “no one really understands me,” “I am not good enough,” and “I always fail.” A more powerful core belief is that you are already whole, perfect and complete.

Participants in this workshop will have a chance to identify some or all of their major limiting beliefs and practice techniques that are effective at reprogramming or dismantling limiting beliefs. This workshop is intended for individuals who serious and about transformational work: It will not be fun, but it could change your life. (OK, there will be some fun.)


Lifehacking your habits: Understanding habits and how they can be changed

Most of what we create in life – health, meaning, enjoyment, professional success – is a result of our habits. This workshop explores what we know about habit formation and destruction. Now that we understand more about the neuroscience of habits, we have a whole bevy of new life hacks to make and break them quickly.



Maegen Coral

I am a humble student of life. I am active in exploring the human experience, with the intention of learning how to maximize human potential on the individual level in order to enhance our collective experience. I hold a degree in Psychology from Appalachian State University. I am passionate about helping humans discover our inner strength through focus and clarity, and to reach our potential through conscious awareness and action.

Blissful Interweaving and Reality Integration

Complete and conclude your transformational experience in this workshop on reality weaving. Based in meditation and mindfulness, you will learn practical techniques that will enable you to continuously blossom within your individual reality, outside of the protective container of the festival. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to confidently step into your reality with intention and ability to manifest your flow and destiny.

Teaching in Haiti

Braden Trauth

Braden has traveled the world researching Permaculture and
Spirituality, studying with the Co-Originators of Permaculture, Bill
Mollison and David Holmgren, along with many other leaders in the
field of Permaculture and healing the Earth. He has also studied the
critical roll of Spirituality and Religion in relation to Permaculture
and how it can result in the creation of a Holistic Culture on planet
Earth, created by conscious, compassionate and dedicated individuals.
After scouring the Planet to understand the changes we are currently
going through as a species and where we will need to go to have a
successful future, he has returned to Cincinnati, where his family is
from, to help others understand how they can empower themselves and
others on this journey during this inevitable shift, which is the
greatest transition for Humanity in its short history on Earth. Braden
spends most of his time spreading the word about Permaculture through
teaching with the newly formed non-profit, and at the
University of Cincinnati while also consulting through OM Valley
Permaculture. He also runs an edible landscaping nursery while
implementing the Permaculture vision on a 1.5 acre site in Northside,
one of Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhoods.

Holistic Awakening: Creating Masters to rebalance Heaven and Earth

Come to understand what religions, culture, and the spiritual journey are for, why they are failing and how we can evolve them to serve humanity and the planet again. We need to aim at nothing short of creating masters that can heal and awaken humanity into one Global Family that is ecologically adapted and ethically motivated to set up systems that teach us how to heal and work with all beings and our Mother Earth for millennia to come. After all, we are creators, “created in the likeness of the creator.” Learn more at